Welcome to the David R Oxley website. I am an organizational change advisor and executive coach. My interest is in helping businesses solve complex problems. In particular, I have dedicated myself to help businesses change either as a consequence of a crises or as a pre-emptive strategy. This site will provide you with information on my research, my current projects, and other articles and links I think may be of interest to fellow organizational change practitioners and researchers.


Over recent years several people (well one or two….ok mainly my parents) have asked for more information on what I do. Describing my contribution to businesses has for me defied easy explanation. I am at my heart a business advisor and consultant who looks to help solve problems. Since I have run large HR functions for employers my HR tag often compartmentalises my experience. While I am proud to take my place along side some very talented HR leaders, for me this feels too narrow and confining. On this modest website I hope to provide any interested reader with a bit more insight about who I am, what I do, and perhaps stimulate some thoughts on how we can better help client companies.

David is a business advisor and HR Leader currently working with Reliance Industries in India on secondment from BP PLC.

Over recent years David has focused on helping large companies manage through crisis or reshape human capital strategies. His current assignment with Reliance has seen him partner with its Chairman and Chief Executive to orchestrate a wholesale shift in people strategy designed to equip the company for the next phase of its ambitious global expansion plans.


While David has been in India since September 2013, he remains a BP employee and member of the company’s HR Executive team. During his 10 plus years with BP his most recent role was HR VP for Corporate & Functions which represents BP’s Group HQ. David’s C&F role also saw him lead HR for BP’s Alternative Energy & Shipping businesses.

David Joined BP in early 2005. Initially he led HR for BP’s commodity trading business (IST) in North America. He straddled his time between Chicago and Houston before relocating to London for 2008 and 2009 to lead IST’s restructuring of supply optimization and Global Oil trading. In 2010 he returned to Houston as HR VP for the Gulf of Mexico; BP’s Upstream deep-water business. The subsequent Deepwater Horizon tragedy of April 20, 2010 resulted in David leading the people aspects of crisis response for much of that year.

David’s early career was spent with Ernst & Young as a management consultant in their international reward and tax planning practice. In 1993 he was selected for partnership. Along with running the client engagements for Enron, Arco Chemical, Texas Instruments, Morgan Stanley, Lehman, American Express, and Eli Lilly, he also built E&Y’s UK immigration practice. In 1995 he took on his first corporate role when he joined Enron Europe as their HR Director. Over 7 years with Enron, he led HR for all merchant energy businesses, relocating to Houston for the first time in 1999. During Enron’s bankruptcy David helped with restructuring efforts and in particular the sale of the assets to recoup value for creditors including former employees.

In 2002, David launched his own consulting business, Coppergate International, in the USA. Over the following three years, with the essential assistance of his wife, he built this niche HR consulting practice into a successful enterprise focusing on small multinational clients requiring high quality HR advice. After joining BP, David sold his ownership in Coppergate, however he remains proud of the fact it continues to thrive as a small but successful concern.


A double business major including an MBA from the University of Notre Dame. David received both the John R Malone Academic Achievement Award and the Deans Award from the Mendoza School of Business. David is a Chartered Fellow of the CIPD. He is currently pursuing his Doctorate Degree with Cranfield University.


David is a dual UK and US citizen. He is married to Sue and has three incredible, powerful, daughters, Charlotte, Amy, and Rebecca. The newest edition to the family is Brinkley, the rescue puppy who chose us Christmas 2014.

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